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About us

We are a SimRacing community specializing in virtual races and championships. We offer a wide range of leagues such as DTM, GT, ETRC, and Nordschleife. Additionally, we regularly host championships and competitions organized and conducted by the FADX-Racing administrators.

Our community consists of a dedicated group of SimRacing enthusiasts who are passionate about virtual racing. We provide our members with the opportunity to enhance their skills and abilities in various disciplines of SimRacing and indulge in their passion for this sport.

We also offer training and coaching sessions to help our members improve their skills and maximize their performance on the track. Our experienced drivers are available to coach our members and impart valuable tips and tricks to help them unleash their full potential.

At FADX-Racing, we also organize championships and competitions where our members can test their skills against other drivers and challenge each other. We have a variety of races and championships in different disciplines, including DTM, GT, ETRC, etc., in which our drivers can compete in the virtual world.

In addition to races and championships, we also offer a special league to our members. Drifting!!! We actually have multiple drift servers in our portfolio where our members can showcase their skills in this particular discipline of SimRacing.

Overall, FADX-Racing is the perfect choice for SimRacing enthusiasts looking to improve their skills and indulge in their passion for this sport. Our community provides a friendly and supportive environment where our members can share their passion for virtual racing. Join our community today and experience the exciting world of SimRacing!

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